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PHC Club Hikes

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PHC Steering Committee

For suggestions or comments, contact the Club Steering Committee:
Joyce Ringgenberg - Chairperson
Sally Jernigan - Secretary
John Metcalf
Tom Graybill
​Barbara Lloyd
Dave Sorensen
Nelson Zarate
Note: The Committee email will be sent to all Committee members.

Driver Reimbursment

On some hikes, we share rides.
Rates for riders are:
  • For prices of less than $2.50 per gallon, each rider will pay the driver 5 cents per mile.
  • For prices between $2.50 per gallon, and $3.00 per gallon, each rider will pay the driver 7 cents per mile.
  • For prices greater than $3.00 per gallon, each rider will pay the driver 10 cents per mile.
  • Each driver will be responsible for recording the trip distance.
These rates apply primarily to the Moderate and Strenuous hikes; Slow and hikers usually drive their own cars to the trailheads.
Note: Because prices vary somewhat among stations, the Costco regular gas price is the benchmark.

Special Events


The Prescott Hiking Club has campouts several times a year.
They typically are within a day's drive of Prescott, and once in a while, a little further afield.
Some members have camping trailers, RVs, or tents. Others stay in cabins or motels depending upon location.
A typical day on a campout is:
Breakfast on your own.
Gather and start a hike or drive to a trailhead, usually around 9. Lunches are carried in your pack and we stop for lunch on the trail.
In the afternoon, relax, get cleaned up, go to local towns.
Late afternoon (time varies with the season), gather for a happy hour. Bring an hors d'oeuvre to share, and bring your own beverage.
Dinner is on your own.
After dinner, some campers gather for a campfire, rehash old hikes, and generally tell tall tails about each other.
Most campouts are Monday through Friday; Mondays and Fridays are travel days; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are hiking days.
It is also common for non-hiking spouses to attend and do their own thing in the daytime.


The club has several social events during the year:
  • May or June: a potluck picnic local to Prescott.
  • September: another potluck picnic.
  • December: a Holiday party in a local hall, with optional gift exchange.
  • January 1: Souperbowl, a short morning hike followed by a potluck soup lunch.
... and sometimes other impromptu gatherings, such as for St. Patrick's Day.

Planning Meetings

Moderate Minus / Moderate / Strenuous hikes and campouts are planned three times a year:
  • December
  • April
  • August
Each planning meeting will decide activities for the following four month period. Members are encouraged to attend and volunteer to be hike leaders.

Aluminum Cans

The Prescott Hiking Club collects aluminum cans and redeems them for club funds. This both keeps the forests clean of litter, and enables us to avoid raising club dues.
We encourage members to save cans they use at home and turn them in to the club for our redemption program.
Cans are collected by Julius Dembinski. Please bag the cans and place them over the fence on the driveway next to the house at 3050 Lynx Lake Drive in Prescott Valley.